Locker rooms are spring cleaned

Grace Marchetti, Staff Writer

Assistant Athletic Director Laura Seifert led the charge to give a deep cleaning to the locker rooms.

She said, “Our plan is to deep clean the locker rooms at least twice a year: over Christmas break and the end of the school year moving forward.”

Along with Coach Seifert’s cleaning the girls locker room, Football Coach and Dean of Students Mark Modeste cleaned the boys locker room.

“Mr. Modeste and I swept each locker room of all the trash and leftover belongings. Then Clean Image followed, wiping lockers, and cleaning the floors.”
Both coaches worked hard to make sure they locker rooms were nice and presentable for the athletes to use.

The main expectation for the students now that the locker rooms are clean is that the school community will treat the locker rooms with respect going forward so that they may avoid the spaces getting to that level in the future.

“I would also like to keep an open level of communication between our student community and athletics/ physical education so that if any student observes a need or an issue, such as more trash cans for example, we can remedy and help immediately,” said Coach Seifert.

She added that she would also like to challenge the sports team captains and all upperclassmen to help with accountability in keeping the locker rooms tidy.”

Coach Laura explained that while both locker rooms weren’t terrible, they weren’t the cleanest spaces in the school.

The rooms got a deep clean, and one of the rooms in the girls locker room was painted.