Twirler shines in the spotlight


Grace Mottley

Freshman Angela Boeren swings her baton in the air while marching in place in front of her teammates during a performance on Jan. 18 at Harford Community College. Boeren’s baton twirling team, the TwirlTasTix, performed during the halftime of the men’s basketball game.

Sophomore baton twirler Angela Boeren steps onto the floor, eyes down and body erect. Taking her spot on the floor, she lifts her head with a smile of confidence and strikes her first pose. The music starts, and she immediately reacts with a graceful flick of her wrist, and the baton goes twirling through her fingers.

Grace Mottley
Boeren throws and prepares to catch her baton. The team also performed their routine at the Presidential Inaugural “Voices of the People” Welcome Concert on Jan. 19.

Boeren has been twirling with the TwirlTasTix twirling program since she was two-and-a-half years old. Her mother put her into the program after seeing TwirlTasTix perform at a local baseball game. “I love twirling because it motivates me to work hard and is such a great, family-like community to be included in,” Boeren said.

Director of TwirlTasTix and head coach Christine Zoll has watched Boeren grow into an experienced baton twirler and says that Boeren is an integral part of her team. “She has transformed from a young girl into a graceful and talented baton twirler. She has progressed through the competition skills from novice to intermediate. Soon, she will be at the highest level, advanced,” Zoll said.

Zoll also noted Boeren’s tireless effort and dedication to the sport, often relying on her experience  to help out with choreography or teach younger students. “She is definitely a leader [and] is even a choreographer and assistant teacher for one of our younger classes. She is willing to take risks and try new things and her combined leadership, intelligence, and extensive baton twirling skills make her an integral part of our team,” Zoll said.

While other students might be vacationing, Boeren spends most of her summer practicing and refining her technique. Her team’s biggest competition is the National Baton Twirling Association National Championship, which is held in late July. According to Boeren, they start training for it months in advance. “We practice long hours every day of the week, except for Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays,” she said.

It is nerve-wracking to know that you are performing for so many people across America

— Angela Boeren

Boeren explained that she spends countless hours perfecting her craft, which was ultimately displayed. By her multiple competition wins. “Angela competed at nationals at Notre Dame University last summer with the rest of her teammates where she placed top two in several events, and our team placed top three in team finals,” Zoll said.

This year, Boeren was able to perform with her twirling team at the Presidential Inaugural “Voices of the People” Welcome Concert held on Thursday, Jan. 19. Her team is one of only a dozen teams to be selected for this honor, where the event was broadcasted. “I felt both excited and nervous to perform at the Inauguration Welcome Concert. It is nerve-wracking to know that you are performing for so many people across America,” Boeren said.

Not only did Boeren express gratitude for being able to perform on such a big stage, but she also said that it would be a big opportunity for the sport in general. “I am glad baton twirling had the chance to become more well known after the concert. The concert was a very big opportunity for my team, and I am glad we were given it,” she said.

Emily Stancliff is a Sports Editor for The Patriot and