Interim president joins community


Paige Alban

Interim President Steve DiBiagio sits in his office. DiBiagio started his new role on June 10, replacing former President Richard O’Hara.

On July 10, Steve DiBiagio started his new role as Interim President. DiBiagio replaced former President Richard O’Hara who retired at the end of the 2017 school year. His appointment was announced in an email sent by Betsy Campion, the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

According to DiBiagio, his new role as President will include, “helping faculty and the staff be successful creating an environment where every student is known and valued and engaging with a network of supporters and advocates for the school. So, it’s working to build collaborations communications among all constituents of John Carroll in order to move forward.”

In addition to these tasks, DiBiagio hopes he will be able to make personal connections with the students. “I hope to get to know every student and that’s going to be a challenge, but that’s a great objective to the students, the parents, and everybody that makes John Carroll the community that it is. You should see me in the hall, you should see me at athletic events, and all school events,” he said. “I love being on campus and interacting with people.”

Having served as a trustee of the school for nine years and as a parent of two alumni DiBiagio has “always been proud to be associated with the school … and I think the opportunity to propel the school forward with the faculty and the community is just incredibly exciting,” he said.

While DiBiagio admits remembering the names of almost 700 members of the school community may be difficult, he is up for the challenge. “The energy of the people and the energy of the faculty and the students and that really fuels your tank every morning,” he said.

With high expectations for the future, DiBiagio hopes “to expand the John Carroll influence in terms of how we connect and engage with the community beyond Harford County,” he said.

Although DiBiagio is looking to the future, he is already inspired by the school community. “I’ve always been impressed by the confidence and courage that John Carroll students [have] to try different things in terms of careers and physical geographical location … it’s incredibly inspiring.”

Taylor Bynion is the Copy Chief for The Patriot and