Freshman Retreat: Class of 2024


Ella McGuire, Staff Writer

On Friday, December 11, the Class of 2024 came in on an asynchronous learning day for their freshmen retreat. Due to COVID-19, the freshmen were not able to have their retreat in September, and the plans for the retreat itself had to be changed. However, JC did their best to make sure that the freshmen were able to enjoy this piece of JC tradition.
Freshmen could register for one of two different days. The first group attended last Friday while the second group will attend tomorrow. The freshmen then belonged to either Group A, B, or C. In each group, there were smaller groups as well to help with distancing. This also allowed freshmen to branch out and meet new people.
In each group, the freshmen participated in many different fun activities. There were icebreakers, listening to Wisdom Talks from seniors, and meeting fellow classmates. The purposes included meeting others and focusing spiritually, but students were also able to have fun despite the craziness of this year.