Carl Patton is named JC’s new principal beginning for the 2021-2022 school year


Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

JC sent an email out to the JC community stating that Carl Patton would be Principal and Chief Academic Officer of The John Carroll School, effective July 1, 2021.

President Steve DiBiagio said, “Mr. Patton was the immediate and unanimous recommendation of the Search Committee and the Executive Leadership Team. Mr. Patton embodies our leadership culture and personifies our mission to educate young people in our faith as we prepare them for the rigors of college and the responsibilities of life.”
Mr. DiBiagio added, “He is committed to a culture that values and reinforces the dignity of the full person—mind, body, and spirit—and to delivering a balanced curriculum of academics, arts and athletics. His professional experience, personal qualities and passionate drive for excellence will advance the work of John Carroll and serve our students well into the future.”
Mr. Patton said he has a lot to add to JC because in his administrative career he can be “an innovator, a team builder, and good at bringing people together for a vision of very extraordinary things.”
He said, “I want to build a program that sparks national attention and puts students in a great place to learn. Making sure students have a great day every day is what I try to do, and by doing that, I make sure teachers have a great day of teaching every day.”
Additionally, Mr. Patton commented, “I’m thrilled to be a part of the JC community. I want to teach a class. I always teach a class because I want to be a teacher. I’ve even coached for quite a few years.”
Mr. Patton holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland College Park and an MS in Education Administration from Trinity University in Washington, DC. He is currently “spending time studying” to pursue his doctorate in Education Leadership and Innovation through the University of Southern Mississippi.
He said he’s a “lifelong learner” and added, “I’ve been in Catholic education for my entire career, 30 years in Catholic education. It’s been a real passion of mine. It’s what I want to do and what I want to be a part of.”
Mr. Patton will be relocating closer to JC from his home in Chevy Chase. He commented that his family is “a little nervous about it, but we’re excited about it.”
A little about Mr. Patton, outside of being the new principal, is that he’s a husband and father and likes “to spend a lot of time” with his family. He also enjoys being outdoors and doing activities like kayaking.
Mr. Patton said that the JC campus is “a beautiful place to be a part of.” He said that being at JC is a “refreshing change” because of the amount of land and fields that the school offers.
He said it’s an “adjustment from what I currently have… it’s a different feel, but welcoming, and a lovely setting.”
Having the extra field space for athletics excites Mr. Patton because he’s “been a part of athletics [his] whole life.”
Outside of athletics, Mr. Patton mentioned his wife is a singer and that he “loves the arts.”
He said, “If someone can play music, it’s just magical to me. I’m excited about that aspect of JC as well.”
Following the announcement, Mr. Patton said he is “looking forward to meeting more and more students as this year comes to a close. I’ll be [at JC] more often and going into the summer.”
From his few encounters at JC, Mr. Patton said he recognized “how respectful all the people I met were — the faculty, the staff, administration, and students. Everyone was very welcoming and outgoing.”
Mr. Patton would like students to know that he hopes he will be able to meet “as many students as possible.” He said, “I have an open door policy… I’m here to listen to the students and understand the students’ needs. I hope they can come and talk to me about their needs and wants or just to get to know me and help me transition into the community.”
Mr. DiBiagio said, “We look forward to welcoming Mr. Patton and his family to the John Carroll community.”