JC renovations continue with the addition of the Brown Fitness Center on campus


Sydney Miller, Media & Online Chief

The Brown Fitness Center will be a safe space for all students to work out during the school day and will open this school year.

The planned opening will be in the late fall. Even though the room itself is ready, some of the equipment has been delayed in its delivery.
JC President Steve DiBiagio said, “The center will allow all students and staff to enjoy the numerous benefits of having a safe and clean exercise facility year-round.”
The fitness center has been in planning for about six to eight months. Mr. DiBiagio said, “It is part of our long-term facilities plan to create more student-centered space to enhance the overall Patriot Experience and provide spaces for students to experience growth in the mind, body, and the soul.”
The Brown Fitness Center was formally announced to students, and “the reaction has been extremely positive.” Students are excited to be able to work out during the school day.
The room will include a mixture of both cardio and strength equipment including stationary bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, weight racks, kettle bells, dumbbells and a universal station machine.
Students will be able to utilize all this equipment during school hours.
Students will have to change out of their uniforms in the locker rooms, and then they will be able to utilize the room. Upon its opening, Physical Education Teacher Jordan Smith will be moderating the room, and there will be additional coverage added as needed.
Previously, the Brown Room held major events for the school. These events will be held in other meeting spaces from now on. The auditorium, classrooms, and the Learning Commons will be used for meeting purposes.
One thing that the fitness center brings to the school is a sense of community. It brings a place for “students to enjoy more time together on campus and build a healthy community,” Mr. DiBiagio said.
Mr. DiBiagio added that the main goal is that “all students feel welcome, supported, and motivated to relax, exercise and have fun” in the Brown Fitness Center.
The JC community is anticipating the opening of the fitness center. He said, “We are excited about being able to provide more opportunities for our students.”
Junior Hannah Hamill said, “I think it’s a very innovative idea. It’s something that not only athletes can use, but even just students/teachers looking to stay healthy and active. I think it’s nice.”
Athletic Director Seth Goldberg said that his vision for the Brown Fitness Center “is to be a place where people can be a part of.” He emphasized how excited he is to see the opportunity that the center will give all students.
He said, “We’re once again excited to see our school grow.”