Seniors take home Powderpuff win

Juniors provide strong competition during this Spirit Week event


Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

The Powderpuff game resulted in no injuries and a win for the senior class. After a month of deciding if Powderpuff would still happen, junior girls played the senior girls on October 18.

As part of the requirements to play, all interested junior and senior class members attended an interest meeting run by Assistant Principal Jake Hollin and Dean of Students Sean Ireton. There the girls had to get a form signed with their signature and a parent’s and attend one of two mandatory practices.
Finally, to kick off Spirit Week, the theme was Class Color Day, which also meant Powderpuff. The day followed a modified bell schedule with 45 minutes at the end of the day for the entire school to watch the game.
Additionally, juniors and seniors were released 20 minutes early to get dressed and prepare for the game.
Then the game began.
Senior Megan Palm said, “I had a feeling the seniors would win; however, the juniors took me by surprise a few times. Both teams had strong players, and you could tell everyone was enjoying themselves. I felt there was a perfect level of fun and competition.”
Mr. Hollin said, “I think the game went really well. I was very thankful for the positive spirit and energy from the players on both teams. I think the coaches and all the faculty and staff volunteers also did a great job. Our goal was to provide a fun and safe experience for everyone, and I think that is what we had. Both the seniors and juniors played a great game.”
After a 40 minutes of play, the seniors won the game 26-22.
Junior Class Co-Moderator Erik Fabriziani said, “In my opinion the Powderpuff game was a huge success. The girls on both sides played hard and had lots of fun. I saw lots of good sportsmanship on each team. It was nice to see us be able to bring it back after missing out on it due to COVID last year.”
Junior Cali Sliwka said, “Even though we lost, it was still a lot of fun to play with and against all my friends.”
Senior Sydney Walsh said, “I’m happy we got to have Powderpuff this year. It was a great to bond with the senior girls and just have some light-hearted fun. I enjoyed cheering everyone on and finishing out my last year as a senior with a Powderpuff win.”
The ladies of 2023 are “looking forward to playing next year and winning,” said junior Manna Hollin.