John Carroll celebrates Catholic Schools Week


Belle Wilson, Editor-in-Chief

Catholic Schools Week is to be celebrated with the purpose of “celebrating the Catholic identity and the shared mission all Catholic schools have to spread Christ,” said JC Director of Mission & Ministry Kenneth Goedeke.

Mr. Goedeke, taking on his new role of Director of Mission & Ministry, worked with school administrators to plan events around Catholic Schools Week.
He said, “I took the suggestions from the National Catholic Educational Association when planning the week. They had a lot of great ideas to share. I also worked collaboratively with JC administrators to gather the school’s ideas to form something the school could celebrate each day.”
Mr. Goedeke wanted to stress “the importance and uniqueness” a Catholic education provides to its students. He said, “I want each student to know the opportunities being in a Catholic student has. To be in a school that’s not only committed to giving an education, but to live and grow like a person of God is a blessing.”
For students to gain that benefit, Mr. Goedeke tried to make the week “hands-on” for both students and staff. Overall, Mr. Goedeke thought the week was “beneficial to the students and John Carroll as a whole.”
Mr. Goedeke plans to make next year’s Catholic Schools Week even better.