Harford County Executive Cassilly tours JC


Allison Coyne, Managing Editor

With construction in the science wing coming to a close, Harford County Executive Bob Cassilly and his brother, Joe Cassilly ‘68, had the opportunity to tour John Carroll.

Yesterday, SGA Student Greeters Olivia Chesla and Ryan Skandalis, along with President Steve DiBiagio, welcomed the Cassilly brothers to JC. The group spent an hour exploring the school before spending some time discussing life as a Patriot.

The tour began in the newly-renovated auditorium. Mr. DiBiagio explained that the renovations were funded by alumni donations, and many local contractors helped during the construction. Moving forward, two 12-foot screens will be added to each side of the stage for virtual speakers.

The next stop was the Alumni Wall of Honor, where Mr. Joe Cassilly was able to view his photo and bio as a Reverend Charles K. Riepe Award Winner. This award “recognizes alumni who have demonstrated outstanding achievement, community service, and support of The John Carroll School.”

Throughout the tour, Mr. Joe Cassilly shared many stories about his time as a member of the first graduating class. In addition to rediscovering the forgotten dark room, he had many fond memories of tilting paintings on the walls and talking to the Sisters of St. Joseph.

The group then visited the courtyard, chapel, and Learning Commons. Mr. DiBiagio said that these areas of the building are “spaces that students can shape and form in a way that most benefit them.” The courtyard and Learning Commons have been recently updated, but the chapel will be getting an air conditioning system over the summer.

During the tour, the County Executive was able to say hello to Dean of Students Christina Presberry, his childhood neighbor and friend.

The group stopped in Dr. Andrew Ketchum’s room to view a new science classroom. Members of an Honors Biology class got to hear Mr. Joe Cassilly’s story about his Patriot experience. He explained that when he was a student, all of the classrooms were on the second floor; even the gym classes took place in a classroom.

The final stop on the tour was the Brown Fitness Center. The Cassilly brothers then met Athletic Director Seth Goldberg and walked around the new gym. Olivia and Ryan shared their own experiences with the gym as members of the soccer and lacrosse teams.

Mr. Joe Cassilly asked about the lack of trophy cases, and Mr. DiBiagio explained the change from a trophy case to a photo wall. “The trophies were all 20 to 30-years-old, so we took all the trophies and moved them to the archives. Now, these are current students who get to be displayed.”

County Executive Cassilly shared his many connections to John Carroll. Along with his brother, two of his other siblings also graduated from JC. Additionally, his wife was once a chef in the convent.

“What impresses me is how John Carroll can manage money very well. Students paying tuition and donors should feel very comfortable with where their money is going,” said Mr. Bob Cassilly. “It is also a great atmosphere and very friendly.”