Cooking in quarantine leads to cookbook


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Cooking might just be an ordinary task to some, but to Peyton Peverley, it’s a way to connect with her family, have fun, and learn how to make some tasty meals.

Peyton started cooking during the last school year in March. She explained, “My mom wanted me to learn how to cook during quarantine.”
She quickly realized that this was more than just a hobby.
Over time, Peyton has improved her cooking techniques and mastered her recipes. She has tested out her culinary skills on her friends and family.
“Because my love for cooking grew so much in such a short amount of time, I decided that I wanted to include it in my Senior Project,” she said.
Although Peyton has now learned how to cook, her work has just begun. She is currently perfecting her recipes, working on creating a cookbook for her Senior Project.
“I wanted my Senior Project to be special. I wanted something I could look back on and that my family could use for years.”
The cookbook will contain all of her favorite recipes. Peyton will be using a website to create the pages of the book, and it will be printed just like a real hardcover book.
“My mom has also been taking pictures of me cooking, so those will be in the cookbook as well.”
One of Peyton’s favorite meals to prepare is an egg roll bowl. This dish includes all the ingredients in a regular egg roll: pork, cabbage, carrots, and onions. But, there’s a twist. The deconstructed egg roll is scattered over rice, making it into a bowl.
“It’s one of my favorites to make because everyone in my family, including me, loves it. It’s also pretty fun to make.”
Peyton makes it clear that her mom has been a huge inspiration to her Senior Project. “My mom is the main reason for starting this project. I would not be as dedicated to this project if it was not for her.”
For all John Carroll seniors, this is a difficult year, but Peyton is making the most of her senior year in the kitchen.
This cookbook will be something to share with everyone in her family. Peyton hopes that everyone will be able to enjoy her favorite recipes for many years to come.
“When I look back on this cookbook when I’m older, I will think about all the fun times my mom and I had while cooking together and my unique senior year at JC.”