Athlete soars to new heights


Photo courtesy Matt Lozinak

Junior Matt Lozinak sits in the pilot’s seat getting ready for takeoff during one of his practice flights. Lozinak had to get in 40 hours of flying practice in order to get his pilot’s license.

Mcdonald’s employee, former tennis player, and current varsity baseball player junior Matt Lozinak rumbles off the ground and soars into the air. He expertly maneuvers his small, single engine plane—a cessna—into the wide blue horizon.

Lozinak had to travel cross-country for his “brother’s tennis tournaments.” This is what began his love for flying, as well as his love for tennis.

Lozinak began learning to fly three years ago with his current flying instructor. Lozinak has completed 40 hours of flying time with his instructor and only needs to complete a few more requirements before getting his license.

In addition to this impressive hobby, Lozinak plays baseball at JC and was a former Maryland state champion in tennis. His love for swinging bats and running to bases began from his father owning a minor league baseball team, the Altoona Curve. Aside from sports, he also works at McDonald’s which his dad conveniently owns seven of.

Junior Matt Lozinak poses next to his airplane at the airfield. Lozinak began flying three years ago and balances his time between flying and sports.
                                                          Photo courtesy Matt Lozinak
Junior Matt Lozinak poses next to his airplane at the airfield. Lozinak began flying three years ago and balances his time between flying and sports.

“Growing up [having my dad own some McDonald’s], I guess it’s kind of normal for me,” Lozinak said. “I sometimes work in the kitchen, but I mostly do our deliveries and maintenance work.” Lozinak will most his money from his job because it is likely he’ll be using his own money for renting planes, which costs around $145.

During his freshman year at JC, he was a member of the varsity baseball team as well as the varsity tennis team. He would leave baseball practice a few minutes early to fit in a little tennis practice as well.

However, after a while, Lozinak had a difficult time balancing both spring sports. After enjoying the teamwork aspect, Lozinak decided to only play baseball in the spring.

As a freshman, Lozinak played baseball the first week of the season on JV. Then, after a hitting performance where he got out only one time in three games, he was pulled up to varsity as a freshman.

During Lozinak’s sophomore year, he suffered an injury that set him back. He was sliding head first into second base and ended up breaking his little finger. Battling the broken finger throughout the season, he still contributed to the team’s success by starting a majority of last year’s games.

Varsity baseball coach Steve Teter raves about the type of player and person Lozinak is on and off the field. “Lozinak isn’t your average teenager. He’s a very good baseball player, a good tennis player, and flies planes. He’s a great kid,” Teter said.

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