Students & teachers appreciate Asynchronous Fridays

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Asynchronous Fridays started back in October. For two months now, students and teachers have been able to experience many relaxing Fridays at home.

These Fridays give students and teachers an extra day to get whatever they need finished. Whether it may be homework, grading assignments, or just catching up on missed work, asynchronous days provides less stress than a regular online school day.
Every Friday at 10 am, students have the chance to connect with their advisories. This is extra special because advisories are not able to meet every school day like they do normally.
Mrs. Kimberly Koltas, a math teacher and advisor said, “I love being able to connect with my advisory every Friday! A number of my advisees are doing completely virtual learning, so that is the only chance I get to see them every week. It’s also nice to be able to see everyone at the same time since during the week I just see smaller subsets of people.”
Students are assigned work from their teachers every Friday morning. The work is not due until Sunday night at 11:59 pm, so students have three days to complete the work.
Junior Caitlin McLaughlin explained how helpful it is for her to complete her work early and do her work at her own pace.
She said, “I spend my asynchronous day doing most of my schoolwork in the morning and afternoon and then have time to relax after I’m done my work.”
Other students like sophomore Mathias Mingle complete their homework whenever they feel like it. He said, “I wake up, sign into advisory, and sporadically complete my work throughout the day.”
Not only are these Fridays a break for students, but they are for teachers as well.
Math teacher Mrs. Theresa Pleiss explained, “I think asynchronous Fridays are beneficial to me because they give me the opportunity to take a break from being on the computer all day. Also, my children have asynchronous Fridays as well, so it gives me an opportunity to spend more time with them.”
Asynchronous Fridays are different. However, the JC community believes they are a positive difference. Students and teachers have adapted very well to the craziness of this year, and Asynchronous Fridays are something to look forward to after a very stressful week.