Community celebrates inspiring women during National Women’s Month

Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Women’s History Month is celebrated throughout the month of March.

In March of 1987, Congress passed Public Law 100-9, making March the month of Women’s History. During this time, inspiring women all over the world are honored and appreciated.
John Carroll teachers and students honored these special women through presentations that were shown in advisories. The presentations were split into two parts. First on Friday, March 19, when students met in their advisories, advisors reviewed a PowerPoint providing information and background information on ten inspirational women in history.
The teachers had been asked to choose ten of thirty women to share in class.
Assistant Principal Mrs. Danica Attanasio said, “Members of the Peace, Justice and Moral Courage committee collected a list of inspiring women for the presentation on March 19th. We provided advisors with over thirty women so that they could choose ten to speak about with their advisees.”
A few of the women included in the presentations were Sojourner Truth, Muriel F. Siebert, Grace Hopper, Junko Tabei, Barbara Jordan, and Kalpana Chawla.
At the end of the advisory, students were asked to think about their own inspiring women. The students were told that they would be sharing their answers during a follow-up advisory on March 26.
Mrs. Attanasio said, “For advisory on March 26th, we wanted to give students an opportunity to share women who inspire them so they can think about the role of women in shaping their lives.”
This Women’s History Month, Mrs. Attanasio’s hope is that the students “will take some time to recognize the accomplishments of women in history and reflect on influential women in their lives.”