Rock band shines during winter performances


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

JC’S Rock Band consists of four very talented student-musicians, juniors Caden Daubach, Dan Graber, Andrew Cox, and senior Kay Lani Morgan. The group performs covers of iconic rock songs like “Creep” by Radiohead and “I Melt with You” by Modern English, just to name a few.

Just before Winter Break, at the Holiday Show, the Rock Band performed the holiday classic “Run, Run, Rudolph.” Caden sang and played guitar, Andrew was on drums, Dan was on bass, and Kay Lani was on keyboard. They first performed for the freshman and sophomores and then for the juniors and seniors.
Many of the band members’ favorite memories are during concerts. Caden’s favorite memory was his “first winter concert performance freshman year” where he played the solo for “Hotel California.”
This is Caden’s third year in the Rock Band. He is the lead guitarist and backup vocalist. He has played the guitar for nine years. While he mainly focuses on playing the guitar, Caden said that he owns a keyboard, but only uses it “to learn basic music theory.”
Dan, the lead bass player, has been playing bass for two years. Dan takes inspiration from many famous artists. His biggest role models in the world of rock are Kurt Cobain, Gene Simmons, Brenden Urie, and Gerard Way.
Andrew, the lead drummer, has been playing the drum set since he was in seventh grade, but he has been playing percussion since he was in fifth grade. Andrew’s favorite memory with the Rock Band was preforming in the Winter Concert. He found it “really satisfying” to show off all the hard work the band had done to prepare.
Kay Lani has been a part of the band since her freshman year. She is the lead keyboardist. She said, “I’ve been playing keyboard/piano since I was 9. I was self-taught for a year, but then after that, I took lessons from when I was 10-16.” Although Kay Lani plays the keyboard for the band, she wants to focus on playing the clarinet more seriously in the future.
Kay Lani said that her favorite thing about being a part of the Rock Band is “playing fun music that the crowd will recognize and want to dance and sing along with.” It always makes her “very happy” to hear an enthusiastic crowd.
To prepare for a performance, the band works hard to make sure everything is perfect. “We have practice after school every other day and will plan out the songs themselves on our own time to bring them together in practice. Of course, that means we practice them at home, too, but I know none of us really consider it as homework,” said Andrew.
“I’d say it takes about a week or two to learn a song. [It] takes a few weeks after to perfect it, though. We could probably have a show of four songs ready in two months,” said Kay Lani.
The band is currently preparing for some big projects. Caden said that they are planning to play “at some local middle schools if all goes to plan.”