Archbishop Lori visits JC

Archbishop’s schedule included blessing renovated areas, saying Mass, and meeting with students


Madison Elliott and Maddie Root

Archbishop William Lori visited JC along with Dr. Donna Hargens, the Superintendent of Schools for the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

This visit took place on February 7 as the Archbishop arrived around 8:45 am. Upon his arrival, he was greeted by students Ryan Skandalis, Chris Dattoli, Nick Kruzshak, and Olivia Chesla. Members of the JC staff, including President Steve DiBiagio and Principal Carl Patton, also welcomed the Archbishop.

Ryan said, “I felt honored to be able to spend the day guiding Archbishop Lori and speaking with him about John Carroll and Catholic vocations. He seemed so interested in all of the activities of our students, and it was a memorable day to connect so closely with such an important person in our Church.”

Prior to celebrating Mass with the JC community, Archbishop Lori visited two renovated areas: the science wing and the auditorium.

On their way to the science wing, Mr. DiBiagio talked about JC’s “outstanding faculty” and how the renovations taking place are for the “extraordinary students to bring up the facilities to their level.”

Before blessing the science wing, the Archbishop stopped in Dr. Ketchum’s biology class to meet some students.

Archbishop Lori’s blessing took place in the hallway and included a word of preserving the “knowledge of science for good.”

As the group approached the auditorium, Lt. General. Ramsey recalled the time last year when he spoke to students in the auditorium during the assembly on the attacks in Ukraine.

Archbishop Lori’s homily during Mass centered around the importance of Sabbath rest. The Archbishop suggested to “take stock of our experience, meaning, and result.” He said the only way to live a life in this world would be to appreciate and slow down to focus on the moment.

The Archbishop ended the Mass with the gift of a day off for students.

Archbishop’s final destination of the morning was the Learning Commons with a group of students to discuss vocations. He ended his day at JC around 11:30 am.

This was Archbishop Lori’s first time returning to JC since he blessed the new baseball field almost two years ago. He recalled his last trip and how heavily it was raining when everyone was outside.