Berger passes the baton to the next chapter of life

Senior Sports Athlete Profile


Maddie Root, Managing Editor

Senior May Berger has been running ever since she can remember. However, this year is a special year as it is her last year on the JC women’s track team.

May discovered her love of running competitively while in high school. “I have been running my whole life on my own but did not start competing on a team until high school.”
May runs cross country, indoor track, and track and field for JC. Out of the three, cross country is her favorite because she loves “long distance and running in different areas.”
She has participated in many different events in meets over the years. However, her favorite event is to run is the 1600 “because it is a fast paced distance race.”
This track season, she has competed in many other events like the 800, the 4 x 400, and the 4 x 800.
Up until last year, May was unsure where her running career would lead her. She said, “I did not know I wanted to do cross country and track in college until my junior year of high school which was actually my first year of cross country. Our team’s success in winning championships and my own personal achievements made me realize it was something that I could enjoy and be good at in college.”
Recently, May committed to Gettysburg College on April 14 for cross country and track. “ It felt great and very relieving to have made my college decision and be welcomed onto such a nice and accepting team.”
Regarding her plans for the summer, May has a schedule in order to stay in shape for the upcoming cross country season.
She explained, “I plan to prepare by meeting up with friends to go on runs and following a workout schedule provided by my college coach.”
May looks up to her coaches and teammates and treasures fond memories with them. “My teammates and coaches have supported me through my journey at JC by always encouraging me to do my best and to never give up.” She added that they inspire her “to run because they are always motivational and positive.”
May has just one goal for the rest of the season. “The only goal I have for the track team as the end of the season nears is for everyone to try their best and have fun!”