• Students will be off for a Professional Day on Friday, May 29 May 27, 2015

  • Edward Maynard announced as Educator of the Year May 27, 2015

  • End of the year mass to be held on June 1 May 27, 2015

STEM appoints new coordinator

STEM appoints new coordinator

Claire Grunewald, Lifestyles

May 20, 2015

As the first group of STEM students starts preparing for their senior year and all that comes along with it, Cross Country Coach, assistant Track Coach,... READ MORE »


New classes implemented for next year

New classes implemented for next year

Sydney Kirwan, In-Depth Editor

Starting the 2015-2016 school year, students will be able to take four new classes. These classes include Entrepreneurial Studies, Financial Literacy, US History Post 1945,...  Read More »

May 28, 2015 • 0 comments